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About the AIR Collection

The Air range from G-SHOCK is built for the high-fliers. Constructed with professional pilots in mind, timepieces in this collection are optimised for flight. Specialist features in certain models such GPS and Triple-G Resist protect the watch and keep the wearer informed while in the harshest of conditions.

The Technology


G-SHOCK's hybrid system collects satellite radio waves and terrestial radio waves from 6 towers all over the globe (Multiband 6) whether the watch is in a building or outdoors, displaying the correct time anywhere in the world for models with this feature.

Dual Dial

Dual-dial G-SHOCKs can display the correct time for two time zones at once with the World Time function. A small inset dial with separate hour and minute hands allow for a time check in the current location and a separate city in one glance.

Triple G Resist

The severe cockpit environment calls for equipment that can stand up to testing surroundings. This orginal structure which features in all models, will withstand shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibration - all results of gravitational acceleration.

"The Swiss Army Knife of watches" - Complex