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About the LAND Collection

Ready for any adventure, the LAND collection is made up of watches that will stand against the toughest of terrains. Equipped to resist the elements from street to swamp, some timepieces in this range are built with purpose-made guard structures to protect against incursion by mud. Thermometers, altimeters, and digital compasses also feature in certain models, which allow the wearer to track vital information from their surroundings.


The Technology

Mud Resistant

A cylindrical guard structure is adopted for all the buttons, and the cylindrical button shafts are fitted with gasket linings. This structure not only protects the buttons against intrusion by dust and mud, but it also helps to eliminate shocks. The crown is also protected by a highly airtight screw-lock structure. Gaskets are installed at points where the crown meets the surface of the case to assure superior resistance to dust and mud.


Alpha Gel is packed under and around the module to protect the watch from malfunctions or damage due to vibrations. Washers securing the lug screws help prevent vibrations from loosening the band.

Tough Solar

G-SHOCK's Tough Solar Technology converts even the weakest fluorescent light to power. A rechargeable battery with large storage capacity supports the watch's functionality and allows for stable operation.

"Really Rugged Tech" - T3