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About the MR-G Collection

"For 20 years, the MR-G has pushed the boundaries of watchmaking possibility. The original metal G-SHOCK watch fuses form and function, combining leading design with forward-thinking tech. An institution in its own right, representing a pivotal moment in the history of G-SHOCK, the MR-G has continued to advance over the past two decades to incude features such as GPS Hybrid Technology, and Dual -dial functionality, tracking the evoloution of wristwear. "

The Technology

Handmade in Yamagata

In the Tōhoku region of Northern Japan, the Yamagata Prefecture is the home of G-SHOCK. Master technicians and artisans expertly assemble each timepiece in limited quantities for a truly remarkable result.

GPS Hybrid

G-SHOCK's hybrid system collects satellite radio waves and terrestial radio waves from 6 towers all over the globe (Multiband 6) whether the watch is in a building or outdoors, displaying the correct time anywhere in the world for models with this feature.

Superior Elements

For each MR-G concept, the finest materials for every element are painstakingly sourced and sometimes even created for their particular purpose, assuring the highest possible quality and flawless performance.