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About the MT-G Collection

The MT-G, or Metal Twisted G-SHOCK, is a true titan of technology, and a superior chronograph. Forged from the strongest specially-sourced materials, certain models in the MT-G range are built by hand by expert craftsmen in G-SHOCK's technical hub in Yamagata, Japan. Integrating Casio's Global Time Sync technology, some models are equipped with GPS and Dual-Dial World Time. The MT-G collection represents G-SHOCK toughness, refined.

The Technology

Handmade in Yamagata

In the Tōhoku region of Northern Japan, the Yamagata Prefecture is the home of G-SHOCK. Master technicians and artisans expertly assemble each timepiece in limited quantities for a truly remarkable result.

Radio Controlled Timekeeping

Whether you are in Europe, North America or Japan, or in the outer reaches of Central America and China — once the G-SHOCK has been set to the local time, it receives the relevant signal and shows the correct time wherever you are.

Tough Solar

G-SHOCK's Tough Solar Technology converts even the weakest fluorescent light to power. A rechargeable battery with large storage capacity supports the watch's functionality and allows for stable operation.

"They've passed tough environmental tests, but still look sharp." - Wired