BABY-G Seven Lucky Gods Collection - Benzaiten
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1 piece per customer due to very limited stock! The Only BABY-G in Seven Lucky Gods collection!

The lone goddess among the Seven Lucky Gods, Benzaiten is the inspiration for this BABY-G model. The square design, a reproduction of the original model, is based on the popular BGD-560, and features a pink color meant to evoke active women. Original drawings appear on the strap and case, depicting Benzaiten’s biwa (Japanese lute), which represents the blessing of music; precious jewels, which represent wealth and fortune; and coral, a symbol of the god of water.

Benzaiten (Bensaiten) is the only a Female God in Seven Deities of Good Fortune. She was originally the Water God meaning of "The Saint River" and has been believed as the God for music and art. After that, the Kisshoten's personality had been included, and not only music or art, but also she is respected as the God who brings the fortune and the treasure.