How to change the time on a G-SHOCK watch How to change the time on a G-SHOCK watch

How to change the time on a G-SHOCK watch

June 16, 2022 -

In this step-by-step guide we will take you through exactly how to set and
change the time and date on your G-SHOCK watch in 4 simple steps. 

G-SHOCK buttons explained 

A - ADJUST: allows you to enter the configuration mode to change the settings

B - REVERSE (-): enables you to select the desired values

C - MODE: cycle between settings 

D - FORWARD (+): enables you to select the desired values


How to change the time and date on a G-SHOCK watch?

1. To change the time on your G-SHOCK watch, find HOME TIME mode,
simply press the C button to cycle through the watch modes until you
see the day of the week on the LCD screen and/ or hear a high-pitched

2. Hold down the A button at the top left of the dial until you hear a beep
and the LCD starts flashing.

3. Use the C button to scroll through the different fields (Seconds, Hour,
Minute, Year, Month and Day etc) changing them where needed as you
go using the D - forward and B - reverse buttons.

4. Once you are happy with the time and date, press the A - adjust button
to exit from the configuration mode.

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What is atomic timekeeping on G-SHOCK watches? 

On some G-SHOCK watches you may see the words Radio Controlled or
Multiband 6 stamped on the case back or dial. Both of these functions indicate
that the watch will be updated by a time signal from a mast.

How does it work?

There are several radio transmitters located in various locations across the
world. If your G-SHOCK watch is in range of one of these transmitters, it will
receive an automatic time update overnight. All you need to do is set a home
time zone so the watch knows which time to display, you can do this by
following the same four steps as setting a standard watch and selecting your
home city (for the UK, set the watch to LON)

Find out if your G-SHOCK fits into this category here

There now six radio transmitters that G-SHOCK radio control watches use
located in the UK, Germany, China, two in Japan and one in North America. Did
you know that CASIO is the only watch brand in the world that uses a
transmitter here in the UK. 

If you travel outside the range of one of the radio transmitters, you can use the
WORLD TIME mode to view the time in any time zone and the watch will
automatically calculate the time based on the last radio controlled data it


How to change your watch's time using the G-SHOCK App?

All G-SHOCK smart watches will automatically update the time as you travel. 

1. Find the World Time tab and select the world time box with the time
date and time zone.

2. At the time zone selection, you can either search time zones in the
search city tab or by scanning the map and holding the point you choose
on the map for 3 sec to drop a point.

3. After selection a time zone you will see the map change to where your
new city is on the map. Select set this city to the watch to send the new
world time. 

4. Wait for the setting sequence to complete and display that world time
was set. 

5. Your World time will appear in the World Time box where you can swap
select between the options confirming the time change.