Sports Watches

Smarter exercising: Attack your goals.


Research has shown that even the most basic step trackers increase activity by as much as 30%. By altering your mindset, you will naturally seek ways to win your day, such as taking the stairs, not the lift. 

G-SHOCK Sports Watches are here to help. Built to withstand knocks and bumps even in the harshest environments, they also encompass daily health and fitness support functions, including a 3-axis accelerometer that keeps track of step counts, a multi-timer that lets you create up to 20 combinations, memory for up to 200 lap records, and more.⁠

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  1. GBX-100-2ER
    Water Resistant, Shock Resistant, Tide Graph, Moon data, Step tracker
  2. GBD-H1000-7A9ER
    Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, Shock & Water Resistant, Training functions, Bluetooth
  3. DW-5610SU-3ER
    Shock Resistant, 200M Water Resistant, EL Backlight
  4. GBD-800UC-3ER
    Bluetooth Enabled, Step Tracker, Shock Resistant.
  5. GBA-800UC-2AER
    Bluetooth Connectivity, Step Tracker, 200 Lap Memory