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DW-5600WM-5ER Utility Wavy Mable

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From the toughness watch G-SHOCK, which has been evolving in search of insatiable strength since its launch in 1983, a life that sets a living base in the city with a crossover concept of urban and outdoor, everyday and extraordinary, and goes on a journey naturally We will release the earth color tone series for style.

The overall design of the watch expresses the "stratum" reminiscent of the majesty of the earth. Using the mixed color resin molding technology, we applied a realistic earth color pattern that makes you imagine sand. Based on G-SHOCK's standard square type, the dial is unified in black to create a two-tone simple design, which is also recommended as a pair model. This is the birth of the earth color tone series, which matches the fashion of urban outdoors and has a wide range of uses both in the city and outdoors.

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Tech Specifications
Feature Description
12/24 Hour Format Digital time display can be configured to either 12-Hour or 24 Hour Format
Water Resistant 200 Metres Water Resistant
Accuracy +/- 15 seconds per month
Alarm Function 5 Multi-Function Alarms: 1. Daily Alarm; 2. Monthly Alarm; 3. Alarm for a particular time each day of a particular month; 4. Date Alarm; 5. Snooze Alarm, Flash Alert: A light diode flashes as soon as an alarm, countdown-time or the hour signal has been reached.
Band Material Resin
Battery Life Approximately 2 years
Display Illumination Double LED light, LED light for the face and LED backlight for the digital display
Shock Resistant Patented Hollow Core Guard Structure protects against impact and vibration
Stopwatch Function Measuring Unit: 1/100 second (for the first 60 minutes) 1 second (after 60 minutes)