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Seven Lucky Gods Collection - Bishamonten
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The Bishamonten model is based on the DW-6900, a standard digital model whose defining characteristic is a third indicator. The design uses a clear, translucent dark gray as the base color, on top of which rose gold accents are added. The overall design is one of good luck, with the watch strap keeper being adorned with a treasure box carried by Bishamonten and with the band featuring an armor and helmet motif. The letter “H” appears in the EL backlight.

Bishamonten is only the general appearance in the Seven Deities of Good Fortune. He is originally the God to guard the North area in India. And he is also called "Tamonten" who is a God of the Four Devas protecting Buddhism and listening to a sermon a lot. As the God who presides treasures, riches and honors with a treasure bar in his right hand and a treasured pagoda in his left hand, he has faith regardless of the priests and laymen.