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Seven Lucky Gods Collection - Daikokuten
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The Daikokuten model is based on the GX-56, a model for which the goal was to be resilient against shocks coming from any direction. The watch sports a shock-resistant construction that uses a two-layer urethane bezel and an inner protector. The watch colors represent the strength of Daikokuten, with black as the main color accented by khaki. The band displays images of a magic hammer and a mouse, while three small oval-shaped Japanese coins appear on the watch strap keeper to represent this god of treasure and fortune.

Daikokuten is called a Shiva incarnation of Hinduism, and made a syncretic fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism with Ohkuninushi-no-Mikoto in Edo era. He has a big bag on his back, a mallet of luck in his hand and put a hood on, and such his style is generally well known. He has faith widely as the God of fertility who holds the earth and foods.