G-SHOCK Sessions Presents… 


Thursday 29th February 2024
6PM Till 9PM
*Secret Location*

G-SHOCK Sessions is back and we've teamed up with GALLERY GALLERY to kickstart 2024 series.

Founded in 2023, GALLERY GALLERY is an international multi-faceted art house, and content platform, aiming to restore what it believes is culturally overlooked after seeing countless art and auction houses dilute influential moments in history. Its mission is to give opportunity to those who can't ordinarily obtain these creative works.

Join us for an evening of art and music fusion, showcasing works from some of the most talked about contemporary artists including Beau (+Slawn and T) Navinder Nangla, Kida Kudz, Teoni and Amy Leung as they take on the canvas of G-SHOCK's One Tone collection. Jamo Beatz and friends providing the music setting making it an event not to be missed!




Tickets: Winners to be chosen by ballot.

G-SHOCK is giving away a limited number of tickets to join this G-SHOCK SESSIONS at 7 Dray Walk, London, E1 6QL on Thursday 29th February 2024.

Guestlist places are limited and will be chosen by ballot. Successful applicants will be notified by email no later than Wednesday 28th February 2024.