Behind the scenes with the new Mudman GW-9500 Behind the scenes with the new Mudman GW-9500

Behind the scenes with the new Mudman GW-9500

July 28, 2023 -


In this exclusive behind-the-scenes article, we delve into the creation, design and technology of the new G-SHOCK Mudman, offering a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering commitment that make it a true legend in the world of rugged timekeeping.


Can I use the G-Shock Mudman for outdoor activities like hiking or camping?

Leading the way in durable, environment resistant tech since 1995, the G-SHOCK Mudman is designed to withstand extreme conditions and has now been completely re-designed, incorporating G-SHOCK’s ultra-strong Carbon Core Guard technology together with the tools and functions you’d expect from a Mudman. Back and bolder than ever, our new Mudman is issued in three standout colours: rescue orange, military green and tactical black. 


What is the battery life of the G-Shock Mudman?


The Mudman is equipped with a solar battery, so no battery changes to worry about. Ultra-reliable solar power ensures your Mudman keeps on going, powered by any light source. 

As with all G-Shock solar powered watches, 8 minutes of direct sunlight equals one days’ worth of power. So as you can imagine after one day of exploring battery life will not be an issue.

With a large, easy to read display & built in tool essentials for the adventures ahead, the Mudman is built to explore, regardless of the territory, environment or situation at hand. 

How does the G-Shock Mudman handle mud and dirt?

The Mudman earned its name from the painstakingly developed patented mud resistant technology built into the casing, buttons and bezel. The watch is built to withstand mud, grit, dirt and sand as well as operate perfectly despite being covered in these materials. The new GW-9500 buttons are protected by cylindrical stainless-steel shock absorbers, allowing for easy operation even when wearing gloves. 



How does the G-Shock Mudman withstand shock and impact?

Boasting a completely re-designed Carbon integrated shock-proof structure, the GW-9500 is designed to endure the most punishing of environments. G-Shocks famous multilayer guard structure allows shocks and vibrations to be absorbed by external absorbers and the most extreme impacts deflected thanks to an intricate internal module protection system. 

The New G-SHOCK Mudman - GW-9500


Behind the scenes

To show the Mudman in its natural environment the G-Shock UK production team headed to Scotland. Offering dense forest, muddy mountain ranges and sprawling countryside, the team were able to use Scotland's iconic landscape to put the Mudman to the test.

Behind the scenes the team worked with lumberjacks in the forests of Caledonia whose demanding daily routine involves using heavy machinery & equipment whilst being surrounded by falling tress and debris. The team were impressed the watches ability to still be readable and functional whilst covered in sawdust and grease from the chainsaws.

Elsewhere the team worked with Motorcross champion Billy Mac who immediately strapped on his green Mudman and took to the streams, hills and steep drops of the Scottish countryside. Riding very close to the teams cameras Billy was completely fearless blasting his bike into lakes that almost sunk his bike – truly putting the Mudman through its paces!

Sharing the limelight with the Mudman on set was the iconic Land Rover Defender which was filmed tackling the extremes of off-roading deep in the forest. There was plenty of mud which posed challenges when filming. As a result the winching you see in the advert is actually what was needed to move the vehicle out of the mud with the driver making the most of the watches mud resistance when hauling winch gear up the muddy slope.



A watch truly built to explore – Designed to endure


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