G-Shock Mudmaster - The People Behind the Master of G G-Shock Mudmaster - The People Behind the Master of G

G-Shock Mudmaster - The People Behind the Master of G

June 1, 2022 -

In our recent GWG-2000 campaign, we saw former Royal Marine Commando Scott Heffield, expert mountain climber

Dave Searle and professional desert racer Michael Docherty in action.

We’ve caught up with each of them to discuss the skills required

to master the elements and what draws them to G-SHOCK.


Scott Heffield served 12 years as a Royal Marine Commando, working in extreme environments all over the world.


With your previous military experience, what do you do today?

These days I work in the TV world on adventure documentaries and pretty much most of the time

with Bear Grylls. I’ve done over 100 shows now with Bear and generally get deployed to go and scout and recce

new locations wherever they may be in the world.


What drew you to G-Shock?

I’ve had G-SHOCK watches my whole life and the whole Royal Marine philosophy - in fact even mountain guides - is

move fast, travel light -  having a decent watch on your wrist is so important.

The new Mudmaster is tough, it’s rugged, it’s resilient, built from steel and carbon fiber, no water, snow, grit,

sand or mud gets in it, nothing’s going to get in, it’s not going to break - when you look down it works.”





Michael Docherty, a professional dirt bike racer, challenging G-SHOCK and its functionalities in one of the most

hostile environments – the desert. After spending the last 12 months on the sidelines due to injury, he has made

every effort to return to racing as quickly as possible with an arduous rehabilitation programme.


How many years have you been racing motocross and how did you get into the sport?

13 Years, it’s my Dads fault and he is still paying for it now. My Dad was involved in Motorcycle racing and I guess it’s in

our blood. I grew up in Malawi and there was not much to do for us kids over weekends and one of

Dad’s friends let us use a 4 wheeler and at the age of 2, I was let loose on the beast, that’s where my interest

was piqued and my love for motorcycles started.


What goes through your mind when you are on your dirt bike?

I experience a great sense of freedom which allows me to clear my mind and to focus on every turn, every jump

and every rut on the circuit. At that point I think of nothing else and my mind is totally focussed, it’s me versus the track.


How long have you been racing on the international circuit for?

My first trip to the USA was in 2008 and I’ve raced in the USA for 4 Amateur Seasons, this is my 5th.


What have been some of your highlights during that time?

Winning Races is always a highlight and I managed to win a few Area Qualifier races over

the years. In 2012 after coming back from a 4 month lay off due to injury, winning the

Kawasaki Tennessee State Championship 250A class and a 3rd Place in the 450A class was great highlight for me.


You have been trying to qualify for the Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship for the past

5 years and finally it has come together for you and you have qualified. What needs to be done in order to qualify?

Total commitment, focus and consistency through the Area & Regional qualifiers. A committed and disciplined training

programme is a key factor to making it happen.


What hardships did you go through that prevented you from qualifying over the past 4 years?

Being away from home for long periods at a young age was tough for me. However, the biggest hardships were

injuries and unfortunately in this sport they are bound to happen. I have had my fair share of injuries;

a broken femur, fractured wrists and a fractured/ dislocated shoulder to name a few. It’s part of the game

though and the secret is to bounce back stronger and more determined.



Dave Searle, a British climber and skier, currently based in the mountain mecca of Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

When did you start climbing?

I started climbing as a young kid but became more serious about it in my late teens.

Growing up in the Southwest of England, I spent much of my youth climbing on soggy sea cliffs, slippy limestone

and sharp, weather worn granite on Dartmoor. This apprenticeship led to trips “up norf”

to the mountain regions of the UK such as North Wales and Scotland.

I would often take trips during the winter to climb icy faces and mixed routes sometimes

in a long weekend driving from Devon. Soon came trips to the alps and with this, the discovery of long mixed

and ice faces, beautiful granite climbs and flowing alpine ridges.


What are your biggest achievements so far?

During my 14 years of climbing in the alps I’ve made ascents of some of the biggest faces in the alps

including the North face of the Eiger, North face of the Grandes Jorasses (4 times now!) and

North Face of the Matterhorn to name a few. One of the highlights of my climbing career so far was

Soloing the 1000m North Face of Les Droites in the argentiere basin via the Messner route in the autumn of 2014.


What does being a Mountain Guide involve?

As a certified IFMA Mountain guide I’m fully qualified and insured to take you out into

Glaciated Alpine terrain either climbing or skiing, anywhere in the world. During our time together I will manage the

inherent risks and look after the safety of the team, whilst hopefully sharing some knowledge

and building your skills along the way! I’m passionate about offering fun and exciting adventures tailored to your

mountain goals. I have an extensive knowledge of the Mont Blanc area and pride myself

in finding the best snow around! Learn more book me as a guide here.