G-SHOCK presents ambassador Andrew Cotton, one of the world's best big wave surfers as he prepares for his Winter season in Portugal and embarks on 'The Journey' to find a new unsurfed wave spot. Alongside Matt Knight a world class sailor and explorer who has sailed around the globe and Hugo Vau a champion surfer and free diver. We see a detailed insight into the months of planning and weeks of exploring and surveying at sea to find such waves in dangerous uncharted waters. We hear what drives these men to dedicate such time and effort to this unknown search and the toughness required to take on what ever the ocean throws at them. This is about THE JOURNEY and just what it takes to EARN THE MOMENT.

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  1. GN-1000B-1AER
    Digital Compass, 200M Water Resistant, Shock Resistant


When you live, work or play in extreme environments, you need equipment that you can rely on. In open water, even the most minute changes can impact decisions. Watches in the SEA series are built to thrive in these conditions for those who live on or in the water. Packed with tech-heavy features such as digital compass, atmospheric pressure reading, tide graph and depth gauge that track changes in the environment and deliver vital information to the wearer with signature G-SHOCK precision timing, they can be the difference between sink or swim, and are an essential member of any crew wherever your next adventure takes you.

  1. Barometer


    Measuring atmospheric pressure, a barometer is built in to some models in the SEA range, and is used to forecast changes in weather conditions.

  2. Tide Graph
    Tide Graph

    Tide Graph

    Being at the mercy of the tide is synonymous with a life in the water. There are models in the SEA range which are equipped with tide graphs which can be set to track and display the movements of the tide in any geographical location.

  3. Depth Gauge
    Depth Gauge

    Depth Gauge

    For those who venture beneath the waves, the depth gauge which features in certain SEA watches is a vital instrument. Enabling the wearer to precisely track their progress underwater, and ensure that they are safely positioned, this is essential kit for any diver.