G-SHOCK was developed at a time when watches were still fragile instruments. It all began with a young CASIO engineer who dreamed of "designing a watch that would not break even when dropped".

After causing a stir back in 1974 with its first digital wristwatches, CASIO has had a significant influence on the watch market since the 1980s with the development of the virtually indestructible G-SHOCK wristwatch. The first G-SHOCK, the DW5000, came onto the market in 1983. An unparalleled success story followed as the G-SHOCK models, with their corners and edges, became an international favourite among urban youth.

The shock-proof G-SHOCK watches quickly became the epitome of robustness, innovation and multifunctionality. At last, enthusiasts could keep their wristwatches on while skateboarding or riding their BMX bikes. Falls and knocks are no problem for the G-SHOCK. Whether for everyday use, playing sport or under extreme outdoor conditions, G-SHOCK watches have been genuine all-rounders and reliable companions in every situation for almost 35 years. Today, G-SHOCK has earned the privilege of being worn by men who are not willing to accept limits.



This drive to continue to create and innovate is embodied in the metal MR-G range, which despite having been first introduced 20 years ago, is still at the very forefront of watch design and technological advancements, in addition to the AIR, LAND and SEA and MT-G collections, which each test the boundaries of watchmaking possibilities in their own uniquely-developed and purpose-built ways.