G-SHOCK was developed at a time when watches were still fragile instruments. It all began with a young CASIO engineer who dreamed of "designing a watch that would not break even when dropped". The shock-proof G-SHOCK watches quickly became the epitome of robustness, innovation and multifunctionality.


G-SHOCK watches have now been genuine and reliable companions in every situation for over 35 years. The designs and technology may have evolved, but the same tough standards have been maintained. Today, G-SHOCK has earned the privilege of being worn by men and women who are not willing to accept limits. 


Hollow case structure

Kikou Ibe was observing children playing in a park when he noticed something: "The internal workings of a bouncing rubber ball remain completely unaffected by impact," he thought. This observation led to his team developing a watch with a hollow design in which the interior module of the watch is stored in a manner akin to floating, relieving shocks transmitted from outside.


Today, the module’s shock resistance is realized through further technical innovations. But the revolutionary tough structure that gave G-SHOCK its origin began here.

Protective cushioning
The crystal oscillator and other critical parts inside the module are guarded individually by cushioning material. Any strong shock to the watch causes immediate distortion of the cushioning inside the module, preventing contact failure and malfunction.
All-directional covering
If the watch is dropped, the protruding bezel fully enclosing it absorbs the shock, protecting the buttons directly connected to the module and alleviating shocks from all directions.
The bezel also guards the surface of the crystal. The band is curved stiffly at the point of connection with the case, moreover, enabling it to serve as a shock absorber and prevent direct shocks to the back of the case.
Original square design

Retaining the original G-SHOCK’s square design while at the same time pursuing universal utility in everything from the internal design, including the module structure and LCD, to such exterior design features as the materials, size and shape. The proud original shape has been passed down without change through the 5000/5600 series as a symbol of G-SHOCK.


  •  Minimalist design with impeccable shock resistance
  •  LCD with 16:10 aspect ratio, close to the human viewing angle
  •  Perfectly balanced form that doesn’t interfere in any way with wearing