GBD-H1000 Collection

This new series features built-in GPS and five sensors: an optical heart rate monitor, pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer),
compass, thermometer, and accelerometer for step counting. It has a  high-contrast memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD display.
Other notable features include automatic GPS time syncing, Bluetooth mobile link, vibration alerts, solar power, and USB charging.
As a G-SHOCK, the GBD-H1000 is fully shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters.

Introducing Zack George to the G-SHOCK family.

Zack will be putting the GBD-H1000 through its paces during his Crossfit training sessions and programming workouts exclusively for G-SHOCK.















Shock Resistant20-bar Water ResistanceBezel Design
Shock Resistant

Shock-resistant structure protects module. Complex rugged shape prevents direct shock to glass and buttons.

20-bar Water Resistance

Uses a waterproof charging terminal and delivers 20-bar water resistance even with a built-in optical sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist.

Bezel Design

Resin parts cover metal bezel for easy button pushing.

Button DesignCase back cover and band pieceSoft Urethane Band
Button Design

The design combines resin and metal with enlarged measurement buttons. The other buttons are dual-colored with non-slip design for easy operation.

Case back cover and band piece

The fine resin back cover with a curved surface and the urethane band piece ensure a smooth fit with the back of the hand.

Soft Urethane Band

Uses soft, easy-fitting materials, provides improved ventilation with plenty of band holes, and allows fine length adjustments.

Heart Rate Monitor

Optical Sensors on the back of the watch, to detect the blood flow under the skin. 


 Detects body movements and measures step count and distance travelled. 

Magnetic, Pressure and Thermo Sensor

Built-in miniature sensor takes measurements of compass bearing, altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature. Compass bearing and altitude information improve the accuracy of GPS distance measurements.


Our new model has an app that can help meaure Data and Training history and also help plan and set targets. With the Smartphone link the app displays notifications, including emails, text messages, phone calls, calendar and reminder notifications. Vibration alerts can be used, but notifications are not displayed in training mode.



Easily import and export data with our G-SHOCK MOVE APP for web. View your tracked measurements in a browser and sync your data to show in apps from other companies.


View details about the many data points you have been tracking.
Import data on your activity collected by apps from other companies (in TCX or GPX format) and display it within the G-SHOCK MOVE app. You can also link your tracked measurements for display and use within apps provided by STRAVA, Google fit and Apple Health.



By analysing measured data, the watch can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity which is also know as VO2max. Using the heart rate and running speed it can calculate the maximum consumable oxygen uptake per kilogram of bodyweight in one minute (ml/kg/min). This can be used as a benchmark for cardiorespiratory ability when the user is trying to build endurance for running or other sports.


The watch has solar assisted-charging for time mode (including step counting and notification functions). Also can use a USB charging for GPS which is quicker and keeps the watched charged for up to 14 hours. 

*When charged about eight hours every day under indoor fluorescent lighting (500 lux), and charged at window side on a sunny day for two hours in a week (10,000 lux).


With the use of  GPS Satelitte, it helps meaure the distance travelled, speed, pace and accurately tracks movement. With the Smartphone feature the watch also displays a map on the screen and records the route travelled. The GPS also helps with time-syncing which is beneficial for those who want automatic time adjustment, as the watch is able to sync anywhere in the world without a smartphone connection.