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Gorillaz X The Origin

G-Time Now

This year, in celebration of G-SHOCK's 35th anniversary, the brand collaborates with the planet's "Most Successful Virtual Act", Gorillaz. The collaboration launches a collection of limited edition new watches, designed specifically with band members 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs in mind. The partnership brings together two world class, innovative and renowned entities to offer a classic style redefined once again with a twist

The GORILLAZ X G-SHOCK collection will be available to buy this winter, with more information to be revealed very soon. Sign up below to be notified on all the latest news about the collaboration.

  1. Officially Tough Tested by Gorillaz: DW-5600BB
    Officially Tough Tested by Gorillaz: DW-5600BB

    Officially Tough Tested by Gorillaz: DW-5600BB

    With its combination of technology and design, you're always right on time with the G-SHOCK DW-5600BB. From the 1980s, through the 1990s and 2000s and up to the present day, the 5600 series has already featured a wide variety of styles. With the DW-5600BB, the iconic G-SHOCK is given a subtle matt-black finish, giving the wearer a truly casual appearance at all times. Of course, this watch is extremely robust and can tackle any activity unscathed.


The Origin Story

G-Shock - Challenge the liimits

In 1983, Kikuo Ibe, an engineer at CASIO, had a ground-breaking idea: He wanted to build a virtually indestructible watch with a battery life of 10 years that could withstand a fall (or to give it a better name, Gravity-Shock) from a height of 10 metres and a water pressure of at least 10 bar.

The first watch that fulfilled the tough requirements of this "Triple 10" concept literally wrote a new chapter in the history of timekeeping. From that point on you could tackle all challenges. "CHALLENGE THE LIMITS" is the motto of the anniversary year 2018.


A number with special meaning for G-SHOCK. It is used only in the names of models that have inherited the DNA of the very first G-SHOCK among all the thousands that have succeeded it.

The square design that is said to symbolize the origin of all G-SHOCK provides evidence of the tireless efforts and continuous innovation born from a developer’s belief that he could create a watch that would not break, even if dropped, and represents the final form every G-SHOCK aims to achieve.Today, after 35 years of evolution, this tough spirit remains as resilient as ever. It is still the source of G-SHOCK’s indomitable strength.

Classic Collection

  1. DW-5600MW-7ER
    Shock Resistant, 200M Water Resistant, Illuminator
  2. DW-5600BBMA-1ER
    Shock Resistant, 200M Water Resistant, Illuminator