G-SHOCK has been evolving its pursuit of toughness since its introduction in 1983 and is now pleased to announce
the addition of a very special series of watches. "The Savage Five" series, which incorporates the popular five generals of China
and the five elements of Chinese philosophical thought into the design, has now been launched.











For this model, Singapore-based visual artist JAHAN LOH picked up a popular model of G-SHOCK, and the famous "Five Generals" that appears in Chinese history and the Chinese philosophy "Five Lines and Five Confucian" have been specially designed for this series.

The design themes are the Chinese philosophy of Five Elements and Five Virtues. The five elements are those that make up all things: fire, water, wood, metal, and earth, while the five virtues are the five virtues of Confucianism. JAHAN LOH represents each of these concepts with the images of five generals from Chinese history, and each model is given its own distinctive look using original printing technology.