Are G-SHOCK watches waterproof or water resistant? Are G-SHOCK watches waterproof or water resistant?

Are G-SHOCK watches waterproof or water resistant?

May 24, 2023 -


In this article, we will answer one of the questions we frequently receive from our readers if G-SHOCK watches are waterproof or water-resistant. Whether you’re an avid swimmer, diver or simply looking for a watch that can withstand some water exposure, keep reading to learn more about G-SHOCK’s water resistance capabilities. 


Are G-SHOCK watches waterproof? 

All G-SHOCK watches are water resistant up to 200 meters (660 feet), which means they are suitable for swimming, non-professional diving, showering or swimming in the sea and not have to worry at all. However, it is important to note that water resistance is not the same as being waterproof.

G-SHOCK watches were born from the original 1983 ‘Triple 10’ philosophy. Defined by G-SHOCK inventor Kikuo Ibe, he stated every G-SHOCK should be water resistant to at least 10 bars (10atm – 100 metres) as well as survive a minimum 10 metre drop. 1983 Mr. Ibe exceeded all expectations and created G-SHOCK watches that could withstand water resistance up to 20 bars – 200 metres – 20atm – as standard. 

Even with a high-water resistance rating, a G-SHOCK watch can still be damaged by exposure to water under certain conditions, such as high-water pressure above 20 bar. We recommend to follow the manufacturer recommendations for care and maintenance and to avoid exposing the watch to conditions what could compromise its water resistance. 


Waterproof versus water resistant - what’s the difference? 

Waterproof and water resistant are terms used to describe the degree to which an object, such as a G-SHOCK watch, can withstand exposure to water. 

Water resistant means that the object – (a G-SHOCK watch) is able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but is not completely impervious to water. 

Waterproof, on the other hand, means that the object is completely impervious to water and can be submerged without being damaged. 


Is it safe to shower with your watch on? 

G-SHOCK watches are designed to be water resistant and to endure exposure to water, including showering. Therefore, yes, it is safe to shower with your G-SHOCK watch on. 


Can you wear a G-SHOCK watch in a pool? 

Yes, you can wear a G-SHOCK watch in a pool as they are designed to be water-resistant and can withstand exposure to water, including swimming. We do however advise that after swimming in the sea (salt water) that the watch is rinsed under warm soapy water to remove any excess salt from the sea. If unchecked salt water is well known to cause corrosion to materials and objects over time.


Do G-SHOCK buttons still work underwater? 

Pressing the buttons on your G-SHOCK watch underwater is generally safe, as long as you do not exceed the watch’s maximum depth range. 


How far can G-SHOCK watches go underwater?

G-SHOCK watches water resistance is designed for swimming and non-professional diving. However, there are other specialist G-SHOCK models that are designed for diving and can withstand water pressure at greater depths. As a general rule, all G-SHOCK watches can be safely used for swimming, snorkelling, and other water activities at a depth of up to 200 meters. 

It's important to note that G-SHOCK watches are not designed for deep-sea diving and should not be used for activities such as scuba diving or free diving.

The Master of G FROGMAN is a specialized diving watch designed specifically for scuba diving, and it is the most water-resistant model in the G-Shock line-up, ISO diver standard certified for water resistance up to 200-meter, including button operability underwater, making it the perfect companion for any diver.







Thanks to their robust water resistance, G-SHOCK watches make fantastic companions for holidays or exploring near the ocean. Our latest surf collection sporting cool pastel colours from the G-Lide series to our surf-ready GBX range - remain a favourite choice among the world's top surfers. In addition to the outstanding shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance, these new models come with Tide Graph and Mood Data, essential functions that support surfing the world’s oceans. Environmentally-friendly, the bezel and the band is created from bio-based resin, perfect for ocean and nature lovers.




In conclusion, whether you're swimming, showering, or just lounging by the pool, you can confidently wear your G-SHOCK watch without worrying about water damage. With their durable and water-resistant design, G-SHOCK watches are the perfect companion for any water-based adventure.