How to pick the perfect hiking watch How to pick the perfect hiking watch

How to pick the perfect hiking watch

January 30, 2024 -

Wondering what makes a perfect watch for long hikes or outdoor activities? In a few steps, we'll unravel the technology & features that can not only make your life easier when exploring the outdoors but may also help get you out of trouble when weather and terrain become unpredictable! G-SHOCK is the ultimate companion for adventures further afield. Stay tuned as we guide you through selecting a watch that's as tough and adventurous as you are.

What features make a watch good for hiking?

  • Built-in GPS

  • Step counter

  • Tough Solar Technology

  • Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Multi-Band 6 Technology 

  • Altimeter

  • Barometer / Thermometer

  • Digital compass

  • Heart Rate Monitor

  • Water Resistance 

  • Shock Resistance

  • Mud Resistance 

G-SHOCK watches are indispensable for hiking, offering over 40 years of trusted robust durability designed to withstand the extreme conditions of outdoor environments wherever in the world you find yourself. Altimeter, barometer, digital compass, GPS, solar power, and Multi-Band 6 technology provide hikers with advanced functionalities for precise navigation, elevation tracking, weather analysis and accurate timekeeping, ensuring a reliable experience in the wilderness.

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Do I really need a GPS watch for hiking?

GPS watches prove to be handy when it comes to hiking, obtaining information about your current location, tracking the distance travelled, speed, pace and more. The key benefit of GPS is activity review, providing pinpoint details of your adventures, allowing you to return to popular locations in the future or set targets to improve performance – all these features are provided by the CASIO Watches application that all G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches connect to.


Is a smartphone a good replacement for GPS?

Built in GPS within your timepiece offers a complete solution on your wrist and does not rely on having your mobile phone in your possession or equally on your mobiles battery life. This said however there are G-Shock adventure watches available with GPS built in and without GPS. Certain G-Shock watches with built in Bluetooth allow you to utilise your mobiles GPS signal to record activity data on the move without the need for built in GPS within your watch. Offering a wide variety of options and price ranges when purchasing.

What is the best watch to track activity?

The Mudmaster GWG-B1000 continues to be the best watch for adventurers with unmatched environment resistance capabilities. With its Bluetooth connectivity, Mission Log & Location Indicator modes, Compass & Altimeter, and automatic time updates worldwide, is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed for exploration, trekking, and travel, its premium materials and shock absorbers engineered to survive the most extreme environments.

Whilst the new Rangeman GPR-H1000 is perfect activity tracker, offering detailed tracking of up to nine different activities with six sensors and GPS functionality for real-time measurements including trekking, running, walking, biking, swimming, and gym workouts. It's ideal for those leading an active lifestyle who want comprehensive data for performance monitoring.

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