Widely admired for its minimal design along with its slim and compact properties, the best-selling resin
GA-2100 inherited design cues from the first G-SHOCK icons; the digital DW-5000 and the analogue

Now, G-SHOCK introduces the GM-2100 series, a stunning metal evolution of a range that has
become a staple piece of fashion wristwear with enhanced strength and beauty. 











This unisex model comes in the slightly smaller case size 45.9mm x 40.4mm x 11.0 mm (compared to the 49.3 x 44.4 x 11.8 of the GM-2100) and keeps all the toughness you'd expect from a G-SHOCK watch.

Available in best selling full black blackout effect, green and rose gold, this series is a must have addition for every collection.



GM-S2100B blackout GM-2100GM-S2100B blackout GM-2100



gm-s2100-3aer gm-2100 series octogangm-s2100-3aer gm-2100 series octogan



GM-S2100PG-1A4ER Octogan series GM-2100GM-S2100PG-1A4ER Octogan series GM-2100


The module is protected by a strong stainless steel bezel and an inner case made of glass fiber reinforced resin that is resistant to breakage and deformation. By providing a fine protrusion on the inner case and reducing the contact surface with the bezel, the impact from the outside is mitigated. The idea of ​​the hollow structure is applied with modern technology to create a shock-resistant structure with a metal exterior.

The bezel uses an octagonal design motif that continues from the original GA-2100. Through time-consuming forging, cutting, and polishing, it is precisely molded from a complicated front surface shape to a back surface shape that perfects the fitting accuracy with the inner case. The top surface is beautifully finished with a circumferential hairline and the sides are mirror-polished.

By adopting a metal-covered impact-resistant structure, it clears the impact-resistant standard with the minimum required thickness. In addition, the module has been made thinner by optimising the board configuration and mounting at high density. A slim design with a clean fit is achieved despite the combination of metal case and analog digital.

Strap Styling – Stylish Textured Band 
The GM-2100 features a urethane band with a fine square dot texture, achieved
through advanced moulding technology. The band can be easily attached and
detached with the slide lever.

Discerning detail
Metallic vapor deposition dial

The surface of the dial is mirrored and hairlined to give a stunning level of attention
to detail and a glint that is bound to catch your eye.



Individual Style – Multiple Colours
In addition to the silver colour bezel (GM-2100), which emphasises the strength of
the metal, dark blue IP (GM-2100N) and dark grey IP (GM-2100B) are used for
stylish alternative bezel colours.


  • Impact resistant structure
  • Water resistant to 20 bar
  • Needle evacuation function
  • World time (48 cities)
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • timer
  • 5 time alarms
  • Double LED light
    (super illuminator)

G-SHOCK's new standard

1983 DW-5000

The first G-SHOCK DW-5000 was born in 1983. The universal design, was created from the idea of seeking ultimate toughness and eliminating all waste - carving away unnecessary resin parts to form a solid design. A concept that was also inherited by the first G-SHOCK analogue model, the AW-500 that appeared in 1989. 

NOW GA-2100

In 2019, the GA-2100 was developed to expand the possibilities of toughness and analogue timekeeping. Inheriting the core principles of both the iconic DW-5000 and AW-500, the GA-2100 has created its own identity which has become an iconic new case shape for the brand. Thirty years after the creation of the AW-500, we have risen to the challenge and set a new standard for G-SHOCK with this octagonal case shape. 

New technology / new design

The concept for the 2100 series is slim and compact. The latest technologies such as thin modules and Carbon Core Guard structures have been introduced to provide extreme toughness but in a shape that is in harmony with modern lifestyle and fashion.

How did we get to this point? Creating a new icon takes time… We collected feedback from all over the world including London, Paris, Hamburg, New York and Shanghai, which get fed back to the G- SHOCK development team. Many sketches are drawn, iterations created and tests are carried out before a design is born. The result – a watch with an iconic minimalist design, octagon bezel and all of the toughness characteristics you would expect from G-SHOCK. The 2100 Octagon Series.